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Essential SPA Laminaria Alga

Essential SPA Laminaria Alga

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The Laminaria range represents an important source for serveral treatments based on SPA philosophy. It is a very versatile plant since its complete composition allows its use for multiple purposes.

Benefits of the Product

Algotherapy strenghtens the action of the marine environment on the body and allows to rebalance skin functions. It remineralizes and nourishes cutaneous tissues, hydrates in-depth and prevents from the relaxation of muscular fibres by slowing down the ageing process of epidermal cells.

Laminaria seaweeds have a very detoxifying action thanks to the exchange they perform with the human body. In this exchange, they provide minerals and oligoelements while absorbing the toxins which are constantly produced by diverse metabolic processes.

In the specific case of Laminaria seaweeds, one of those minerals is IODIN. Iodin comes from the metabolism of living beings and is bioavailable, meaning that it can be used by the human body. This iodin does not only act as muscular anti-inflammatory but it also and especially speeds up the local metabolism of fats and helps to break up hardened fat molecules of the interior of the adipocytes.

All these characteristics make them indispensable in RESTRUCTURING, FAT ABSORBER and ANTI-CELLULITES treatments. Thanks to its ability to absorb toxins, Laminaria seaweeds provides an anti-oedema action which is very suitable to complement these types of treatments. Also, they can be used for their regenerating properties and because they represent excellent firming agents.

How to use this body care treatment?

Pre-treatment: Before starting the treatment with algae thermal mud of Essential SPA, it is very recommended to make a peeling of the body with Essential SPA Peeling. In this way, the skin is free of dead cells and the process of osmosis between the skin, the silicates of the mud and the essential oils that you use is optimal.

Prepare your treatment: In a bowl, poor a bit of hot water, together with 3-4 essential oils of Enssential SPA, according to the desired treatment. Essential SPA seaweeds are presented in powder. Add 100-150 grams of seaweeds and mix it well with a brush. Once the mixing uniform, it is ready to be used. The smell of the seaweeds is not particularly pleasant; if the mixture of essential oils lacks of odor, you can add lemon essential oil to neutralise the smell of the seaweeds.

Apply the Essential SPA alguas: You can spread the mixture directly with your hands or you can use an application brush. In the previous step, we added hot water in order to make the temperature of the application more pleasant. Place a plastic film and cover the body of your client up with a towel. Let your client relax during 15-20 minutes; prepare him a relaxing atmosphere using a burner and the essential oils of SPA line by Leydi Bait. During this period of time, the seaweeds will dry and all the active ingredients penetrate the skin.

Remove the seaweeds: Remove the towel and the plastic film, enter in the shower and remove the product; there is no need to soap. Use only water. If the treatment ends at this step, use some gel of Aloe Vera and lemon essential oil to neutralise the odor of the seaweeds.

Can I use other essential oils during the treatment?

The power of Essential SPA seaweeds does not only come from its direct properties but also from essential oils that can be added to complement the treatment. Thus, it represents a basic tool for any type of SPA treatments. According to the desired treatment, complete with the following ingredients:

Draining treatment: Green tea essential oil and cypress essential oil.

Regenerating treatment: Lavender essential oil, green tea essential oil, sage essential oil, wheat germ essential oil and Aloe Vera gel.

Anti-free radical treatment: Green tea essential oil, rose hip essential oil, wheat germ essential oil and Aloe Vera gel.

Anti-stretch marks treatment: Rose hip essential oil, wheat germ essential oil and Aloe Vera gel.

Moisturising treatment: Sandalwood essential oil, lemon essential oil and Aloe Vera gel.

Toning treatment against tiredness: Rosemary essential oil, sage essential oil and cypress essential oil.

Anti-inflammatory treatment: Camomile essential oil.

Firming up treatment: Sandalwood essential oil.

Muscular pains treatment:Sandalwood essential oil and rosemary essential oil.

After-sun treatment: Rose hip essential oil and green tea essential oil.

Laminaria seaweeds are indicated to make restructuring, fat absorber and anti-cellulite treatments.

Essential SPA Laminaria Alga


Essential SPA Laminaria Alga
Essential SPA Laminaria Alga 500gr EAN: 8431332266024

Units per pack

CTN: 6 x 500gr

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