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Royal Jelly Cleansing Milk

Royal Jelly Cleansing Milk

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Cleansing is the first step to get a healthy skin. This product gently wipes off the impurities and make-up residues without altering the optimum skin balance of humidity, leaving it soft and smooth.

Benefits of the Product

Get a soft and deep cleansing of your skin. This cleansing milk, enriched in natural Royal Jelly, is apt for a daily use. It maintains the good biologic balance of the skin and improves its resistance to stress and tiredness.

Main Cosmetics Active Ingredients

Royal Jelly, liposomes, hyaluramine, glycoproteins, natural moisturising factor, propolis, gentian, Aloe Vera, camomile extract and bisabolol.

This beauty product is recommended for:

Thanks to the action of its cosmetic ingredients, Royal Jelly is a treatment line especially indicated for:

• Combination skins
• Tired skins
• Dry skins and skins that are stressed by environmental factors
• Mature skins that lack of energy.

How to use this facial skin care treatment?

To obtain better results, we recommend you to follow those simple steps, that will improve the state of your skin:

Deeply cleanse the skin: Apply a small quantity of Royal Jelly cleansing milk on the face, massaging with soft and circular movements. Then, eliminate the milk with a cleansing sponge.
Tone up and refresh the skin: Afterwards, remove all milk residues thanks to the tonic lotion of Royal Jelly. Soak a cotton pad in the lotion and gently wipe the face, patting softly the skin with circular movements. In few minutes, you will enjoy the freshness of your skin which will breathe again.
Hydrate: Apply the hydrating cream of Royal Jelly and liposomes on the clean skin of your face and your neck. Its light texture will easily penetrate the skin without leaving any oily sensation. It is an excellent foundation.
Nourish: Also, the night after having cleansed and decongested the skin with the cleansing milk and the tonic lotion of Royal Jelly, apply nutritive cream before to sleep. Do soft massages until the total absorption of the product by the skin.

How to improve the skin status? And which beauty products should I use?

Even if age has an important impact on the softness and smoothness of the skin, we can help you to maintain and recover your skin youth. Royal Jelly products by Leydi Bait contribute to improve skin conditions and to extend the state of youth of your skin.

Also, you can enrich the products of Royal Jelly using essential oils by Essential SPA. Thus, you will create customised cosmetics enhancing the effect that your skin needs the most. The essential oils that we recommend you to mix with products of this range are:

Rose hip essential oil: This essential oil is especially known for its great capacity to regenerate the skin, being able to restructure damaged cutaneous tissues. Its high content of essential fatty acids gives it an extraordinary efficiency as anti-ageing agent.
Camomile essential oil: It is indicated to treat cutaneous hypersensitivity, irritations and sensitive or reddened skins. Soothing effect.
Green tea essential oil: This essential oil, rich in natural antioxidants, protects the skin and avoids the destruction of collagen and elastin.

Active ingredients

  • Royal Jelly

    Action: Hydrating, nourishing and regenerative.

    Benefits: Regenerates the fibres of the connective tissu, provides elasticity and flexibility to the skin and strengthens dermal natural defenses.

  • Liposomes

    Action: The liposomes transport active ingredients within the cell.

    Benefits: Allow a better penetration and improve the cellular regeneration and hydration-

  • Aloe Vera

    Action: Emollient, moisturising and healing.

    Benefits: Soothes and deeply hydrates the skin.

Royal Jelly Cleansing Milk


Royal Jelly Cleansing Milk
Royal Jelly Cleansing Milk 200ml EAN: 8431332201612

Units per pack

Blister: 6 x 200ml. CTN: 30 x 200ml.
Blister: 6 x 500ml. CTN: 24 x 500ml.

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Do you want to receive information about our offers, promotions and launch of new products?

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