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Nail Polish Carobels

Nail Polish Carobels

Sophisticated and elegant colours, which stylise your hands, highlighting your femininity and your seduction. They provide extraordinary colour and gloss.

Beauty Tips: for perfect hands and nails

Hands are a fundamental part of our physical appearance, always visible and in contact with the environment. To keep them pretty and young, and to enhance your image, you should always take care of them. To that end, Ilovemynails® explains you how to do a manicure following simple steps:

Nail cleansing: Use a nail polish remover to remove previous polish, letting the nails clean.

Nail preparation: Employ a nail file to give them shape. According to the nail thickness and length, you can choose among thick, medim or thin emery boards. Two criteria need to be taken into account: the length and the shape (oval, square or almond-shaped). In case your nails are too long, you can exceptionally use a nail clippers. After shaping your nails, use the Buffer Miracle Shine to give them brilliance.

Cuticles: First, apply Cuticule Out to soften the cuticles. Then, remove them with a manicure stick. If necessary, cut the excess with cuticule clippers. Finally, apply Nutricuticule to nourish them.

Hand treatment: For a right care of your hands, we strongly recommend you to follow this process of 4 steps:
• Hand exfoliation: Peeling Scrub gets rid of dead cells, letting the skin smooth and soft.
• Massage: Apply with a slight movement Massage Lotion to sooth muscular tension and to encourage circulation.
• Intense nutrition: Nourish your hands with the help of Hidra mask, containting natural ingredients that nourish the skin and give it a younger appearance.
• Hydration and maintenance: Finally, apply a moisturising and non-greasy cream. You can choose among Apple Bite Lotion and Cherry Kiss Lotion, of stimulating aroma.

Varnish and decorate your nails: First of all, apply the hardener Shine Strengthen in order to fortify the nails and to avoid that they break. The nail polish should be applied with a first brush-stroke in the middle and then two other brush-strokes on the sides. After a first layer, let it dry before applying a second layer (you can make use of the nail dryer in spray or the Fastdry). If in addition you want to decorate your nails, there are plenty of possibilties:Magnet Varnish, drops, stickers, etc.

How to varnish you nails? The most fashionable nail designs

Nail decoration is a detail that will customise your image and will procure it a great value. Ilovemynails® offers you several options to decorate your nails with plenty of designs to allow you to choose the one fitting the most with your style.

Nail Polishes: The color range that you can find in our collections is infinite: Spring, Neon, Metallic… Therefore, you can find varnishes going from sophisticated and elegant tones to more recent and audacious versions, such as the new Magnet Varnish that contains metal particles and that, with the help of a magnet, draws spectacular lines on your nails.

Nail Art: The polish is prepared in a liquid way or mixing acrylic powder and gel in the Nail Art Porcelain Dish or in the Glass Dish. Regarding the decoration, use >pens in order to draw different shapes on your nails, such as animal textures, silhouettes, etc.

Stamping: It consists in stamping shapes on nails thanks to a stamping set.

Stickers: They are stickers with different designs and textures and their application is very simple. Place them on the side of the middle of the cuticle, sticking them cautiously with a manicure stick in order to avoid any air bubble and removing the surplus with a nail file.

Drops: There is an infinity of possibilities: coloured drops, floral, metallic or that simulate crystal. They adhere to the nails procuring a chic detailing.

Nail Polish Carobels


Nail Polish Carobels
Nail Polish 120 EAN: 8431332271202
Nail Polish Carobels
Nail Polish 121 EAN: 8431332271219
Nail Polish Carobels
Nail Polish 122 EAN: 8431332271226
Nail Polish Carobels
Nail Polish 123 EAN: 8431332271233
Nail Polish Carobels
Nail Polish 124 EAN: 8431332271240
Nail Polish Carobels
Nail Polish 125 EAN: 8431332271257
Nail Polish Carobels
Nail Polish 101 EAN: 8431332271011
Nail Polish Carobels
Nail Polish 102 EAN: 8431332271028
Nail Polish Carobels
Nail Polish 103 EAN: 8431332271035
Nail Polish Carobels
Nail Polish 104 EAN: 8431332271042
Nail Polish Carobels
Nail Polish 105 EAN: 8431332271059
Nail Polish Carobels
Nail Polish 106 EAN: 8431332271066
Nail Polish Carobels
Nail Polish 107 EAN: 8431332271073
Nail Polish Carobels
Nail Polish 108 EAN: 8431332271080
Nail Polish Carobels
Nail Polish 109 EAN: 8431332271097
Nail Polish Carobels
Nail Polish 110 EAN: 8431332271103
Nail Polish Carobels
Nail Polish 111 EAN: 8431332271110
Nail Polish Carobels
Nail Polish 112 EAN: 8431332271127
Nail Polish Carobels
Nail Polish Base EAN: 8431332271134

Units per pack

CTN: 12 x 10ml

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