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The importance of a good placing of the products in your Barbershop

Published on November 17, 2017

A good placing of the product in the establishment can generate an increase in sales of up to more than 40%. If a good location is added to the good placing, it could amount to between 50% and 70% more sales.

There are many products that are the ones that choose us because, by their disposition within the store and by their placing, they generate in the customer a need or concern. A good visualization and a repeated placing make the client interested in the article and, in the end, buy it.

Aesthetics, rhythm, color, shapes and breaks of rhythm help to highlight families and products. A bright shelf induces the client to stop, look, touch and buy the product.

In CAROBELS we have a network of establishments and more than 30 years of experience in selling to the public have helped us to discover some keys on the placing of products in the linear that can help you increase sales:

- Hot areas: these are the areas where customers are more frequently or where, naturally, they stop. There may be several and the repeated exposure of the product in several of them reinforces its sale. In the case of a barbershop, it could be near the hairdressers, so that the clients are exposed during the barbershop work, or near the counter, so that they can be informed about the products. In a store they should be at the beginning, in well-lit areas close to the vendor.

- Strategic placing: alternating colors and shapes makes customers repair more in those elements, fixing their attention and interest in them. It is also a good strategy to combine a key product with all the elements that are needed to carry out the work. For example, in shaving the client only buys after-shave because it is what he knows and he knows what he needs. If we show them everything they need, such as: specific shampoo for face and beard, serum to soften the beard, wax to fix it, etc., surely one of them will end up buying it.

- Advance promotional actions: if large stores have already started a month and a half before Christmas to fill their shelves with typical products of this time, it is no coincidence. The same can be done in your establishment. Thus, the customer is visualizing the products and thinking about the time, the purchases ... The level of response on this sales strategy is very high.

- A picture is worth a thousand words: an attractive decoration of the shop, an intelligent placing of the products and a striking design of them are essential to guarantee success. But we must not forget the support of images and advertising at the point of sale. The posters, informative brochures, exhibitors, etc., will be our best allies when transmitting a message and the values of the product.

At CAROBELS we do not limit ourselves to the creation of a product line. We have also applied all these keys and experience in the design of promotional material that helps enhance the image and sales of our customers.

The exhibitors of the Barber Beardburys line are made of wood following the vintage and natural aesthetics of modern barbershops. Its attractive design makes them ideal to decorate your establishment while being the perfect point of sale. Modulable and easy to place, they can be placed on the wall or stacked on the floor. They are very versatile, being able to place on them any of our Barber lines, whether shampoos, waxes or beard products.

We also offer displays for the counter, posters, wax displays in mini format, kits with several products prepared for gifts and much more.

Discover the entire Barber line in our Beardburys catalogue.

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