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TricoVIT Anti-hair Loss Patch

TricoVIT Anti-hair Loss Patch

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TricoVIT anti-hair loss treatment combines the innovative technology of transdermic patch and of our formula. The patch allows to release the active principles directly into the skin, up to the deepest layers. Our formula produces a combined attack on the stimulus of the growth. It encourages the microcirculation of the concerned area and regulates both male hormones and sebum.


TricoVIT Anti hair-loss treatment

Benefits of the Product

• Helps hair growth.
• Improves the epidermic blood flow.
• Supplies nutrients and strengthens hair fibre.


• Ruscus Aleatus: improves microcirculation in the hairy area, avoiding the congestion of the capillary bulb and allowing in this way a better access of the nutrients to the root of the hair avoiding then the hair loss.
• Serenos Repens: has an inhibiting action on the testosterone at the skin level, which represents one of the main causes of hair loss.
• Bohemeria Nipononivea: contribute to hair growth by means of substances such as polyunsaturated greasyacids with an inhibiting action of the 5-AlphaReductase.
• Bamboo: presents a remineralized effect that protects tissue from erosion. lt provides nutrients to the hair bulb and helps the regeneration of collagen.
• Vitis: detoxifying and antioxidant action which favours the growth of tissue and hair. lt also exercises an astringent action on the sebum.
• L-Cysteine: An exogenous supply of Cysteine helps the correct growth of hair and avoids hair loss.

How to use the product?

The Treatment lasts at least 28 consecutive days but 2 months treatment is recommended. Once the period of the treatment is over, make a pause of one month. The treatment can be repeated throughout the year if the doctor or professional deems it necessary. During the treatment, you can have a shower, do sport and have a normal life.

Way of Use

The anti-hair loss patch has a unique way of application: simple, comfortable and effective. Ensure that the area of skin where the product will be applied is clean and dry, to ensure perfect adhesion Remove the protective film and stick the patch on the chosen area of skin. For optimal results, it must remain adhered to the skin for 24 hours. It is recommended to apply the patch at night. Remove after this period of time. If it is impossible to leave the patch on for 24 hours, it is important to ensure at least 8 to 10h for minimal results. The point of application of the patch must be rotated: 1 patch every night until the entire perimeter of the scalp has been covered. We recommend several key points to cover all the parts of the scalp: front head, temples, behind the ears, left and right side of the neck and top of the back. Once each key point of application has been rotated, start from the beginning again. Continue in this way to the end of the treatment.

Precautions - Warnings

External use only. These patches can only be applied daily and individually. Do not apply two or more patches simultaneously. Do not apply on sensitive are as, hurts or mucous areas, breasts or hairy areas. Hipoalergenlc. Dermatologically tested.

Complete treatment to avoid hair loss:

So often, occasional hair loss just as alopecia are problems that generate a great concern for the aesthetic impact they imply. The reasons of that loss are very diverse and its treatment is not simple.

Below, we present you an anti-hair loss treatment completed with all the products that you need to make your hair healthy and resistant.

Wash carefully the scalp: The anti-hair loss shampooby TricoVIT does not only clean your scalp and hair, caring about its fragility, but it also prepares it to be more receptive to other products of the treatment, favouring the fixation of their active ingrédients. Besides, the softness of the shampoo allows a daily use.

Regenerate the scalp and the capillary fibre: The application of the regenerative treatment against hair loss by TricoVIT impedes the hair bulb to heal and encourages the appearance of new hair, while strengthening the existing hair. It has a very nourishing action on the hair; it strengthens it and improves its quality. Its use is temporary to reinforce the hair and the treatments duration needs to be set by a professional.

Slow down hair loss: The daily application of the anti-hair loss lotion by TricoVIT delays the hair loss and strengthens the capillary fibre, improving its health, in order to extend its duration and its vigour.

Apply active ingredients that directly tackle the problem: The use of anti-hair loss patches by TricoVIT, thanks to their transdermal technology, makes that the active principles are released in a controlled way in the organism, arriving directly to the bloodstream and reinforcing its efficiency.

In addition to this treatment, TricoVIT recommends you to maintain a balanced and healthy diet and to avoid tabacco consumption. Those two factors have a direct effect on the organism and on the nutrients of every parts of the body, including the hair and the scalp. In case of women, it is also recommended that masks or other capillary treatments that might be used do not come into contact with the scalp to avoid its irritation.

Documentation attached

TricoVIT Anti-hair Loss Patch


TricoVIT Anti-hair Loss Patch
1 x 28 EAN: 8431332091503

Units per pack

CTN: 24un

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