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Eivissa Facial Mask Brush #901

Eivissa Facial Mask Brush #901

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Brush for application of facial mask with wild boar hair in straight cut. Apply the mask softly and uniformlly on the face for maximizing the use. Perform facial treatments in less time and less passes, reducing irritation. Easy cleaning. Soft touch.

Get a seductive glance: How to easily make up your eyes?

How many things can we tell through a simple glance? With make-up, you can get any kind of looks: natural, seductive, intense, mysterious... Here, you will find some simple steps to follow in order to always make the best use of your eyes.

First of all, the eyes need to be clean and moisturised, since their skin is particularly delicate. To that end, remove any previous make-up with the make-up remover by Leydi Bait and hydrate with the Intensive Eye Contour Caviar Tentation.

Now, you are ready to make your eyes up. First, apply a base of the color of your skin or of one tone lighter with a Marten brush nº 10, from the lash line to the brow bone, in order to brighten the eye and to give it a uniform complexion.

Later, choose two colors of complementary tones, which is very easy with the cases of Duo eye shadow. First, apply the lightest one in all the eyelid using a Marten brush nº 8. Then, apply the darkest one on the exterior zone of the lid in order to provide depth to the look. To unify the two tones, use a Tongue Marten brush nº 11. If you want to shade off the higher and lower line of the lid, employ a Slanting Pahmi brush, for the best precision provided by its shape.

Next, draw the line of the eyelids with a eye pencil and shade them off with a Slanting Marten brush. If you want a better defined and accurate line, you can replace the eye pencil by the Easy Eyeliner which disposes of an applicator. However, if you prefer to use brushes, you should employ the New Eyeliner brush.

Finally, apply the Mascara. Choose the transparent one to get a natural finish or the black one to obtain a more intense touch. You can also apply the mascara with the help of the New Eyebrows and Eyelashes Brush, with which you will also define eyebrows.

Learn how to use the different make-up brushes?

New Eyebrows and Eyelashes Brush (Sp035): can be divided in two parts: the one of the brush aims at drawing the eyebrow as desired, and the one of the comb aims at separating eyelashes after the application of mascara.

New Eyeliner Brush (Sp027): as its name indicates, it is used for the application of eyeliner. It allows to draw accurate lines and to controle their thickness.
Elaborated by craftsmen with natural hair.

Marten Brush nº 10 (Sp017): used to apply eye shadow on the whole eyelid, from the basis to the eyebrows, before the application of colour.
Elaborated by craftsmen with natural hair.

Marten Brush nº 8 (Sp018): used to apply eye shadow on the inferior part of the lid and on the line of the lid.
Elaborated by craftsmen with natural hair.

Tongue Marten Brush nº 11 (Sp016): allows to shade off the eye shadow, by unifying tones. For optimal results.
Elaborated by craftsmen with natural hair.

Slanting Pahmi Brush (Sp037): used to apply eye shadow on the inferior and superior part of the lid.
Elaborated by craftsmen with natural hair.

Slanting Marten Brush (Sp022): used to shade off the eye pencil.

New Lips Brush (Sp025): used for the application of lipstick, allowing to better and only take the desired quantity.

Make-up Brush (Sp062): generally used with the Liquid Make-up, but it can also be used with the Pan Stick and the creamy compact make-up. With it, you will get an optimal and natural finish, together with a homogeneous covering.
Elaborated by craftsmen with natural hair.

Racoon Oblique Powder Brush (Sp040): to apply blush. Its shape allows to define the angle of the face.
Elaborated by craftsmen with natural hair.

New Powder Brush (Sp043): its purpose is the application of translucent powder in order to seal make-up and to procure a uniforme and natural finish, without any excess oils on the face.
Elaborated by craftsmen with natural hair.

New Blush Brush (Sp060): applies the right quantity of blush, in the desired zone thanks to its curved shape. This tool will give a more dynamic aspect to the face.

Fibre Optics Brush (Sp048): employed for the application of blush and illuminators. Its texture is very soft and the optical fibre allows a perfect finish.

New Fan Brush (Sp003): helps to apply face exfoliants or to get rid of the excess of loose powder.

New Mask Brush (Sp006): is used to apply face masks.

Body Mask Brush (Sp005): is used to apply body masks.

Eivissa Facial Mask Brush #901


Eivissa Facial Mask Brush #901
Eivissa Facial Mask Brush #901 EAN: 8431332159012

Units per pack

Blister: 6 ud.

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