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Tonology Developer Cream Lotion 40VOL (12%)

Tonology Developer Cream Lotion 40VOL (12%)

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Tonology’s activating emulsion is especially formulated to activate the hair dyeing in a fast and accurate way. Its dense and creamy formula reduces the mixing process by 35 % and the application time by 30%.

Benefits of the Product

• Stabilised formula which maintains the concentration of volumes for a longer time.
• Contains surfactants of vegetable origin that help reducing irritations.
• Soft aroma green apples.

How to colour hair with Tonology?

In order to colour hair with Tonology, you should mix the hair dye colour in a non-metallic bowl with the required quantity of activating emulsion in the proportion 1:1 in case of Tonology dye, 1:2 in case of super lightnings or in the proportion 1:1 to 1:3 in case of bleaching.

For an optimal hair care

Prepare a perfect colour cocktail with Sculpby Colour Shaker (Automatic colour Mixer). At the end of the preset time, the colour will be homogeneously mixed and ready to be applied.

Precautions - Warnings

It is recomended to read carefully the way of use on the packaging.

Tonology Developer Cream Lotion 40VOL (12%)
Tonology Developer Cream Lotion 40VOL (12%)
Tonology Developer Cream Lotion 40VOL (12%)
Tonology Developer Cream Lotion 40VOL (12%)


Tonology Developer Cream Lotion 40VOL (12%)
1.000ml EAN: 8431332023405
Tonology Developer Cream Lotion 40VOL (12%)
500ml EAN: 8431332025409
Tonology Developer Cream Lotion 40VOL (12%)
80ml EAN: 8431332024402

Units per pack

CTN: 12 x 1.000ml
CTN: 12 x 500ml
CTN: 60 x 80ml

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