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Tonology Hair Dye Colour Exotic

Tonology Hair Dye Colour Exotic

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Surprising, bold and radical colours. A slight load of pigments of Sahara and sabanna colours, and a bigger load for the rest of the family.


The color has not disappeared, we have packaged it Find out how Tonology, our most selective color is created. Each step is carefully detailled to provide a perfect result . Now you just need to choose your color!

INS-PYRENCE Technology

INS-PYRENCE technology ensures a perfect grey coverage, a better colour intensity as well as an optimal respect and hydration of hair.

Benefits of the Product

• The colouring of Tonology ensures a perfect coverage and intensity of the colour.
• The Ionic colourings (+) of low molecular weight facilitate the colour soaking in the hair cortex.
• The cosmetic components of Tonology help improving the hair general state.


The intelligent colourings, electrically charged (+), have a very low molecular weight, which improves the colour penetration into the hair cuticle and cortex, and facilitates the colouring process of dark and damaged hair.

How to colour hair with Tonology?

In order to dye hair with the colouring, you should mix the content of one tube of dye in the proportion 1:1 with the oxidant the most appropriate regarding the selected colour, the type of hair and the colouring technique that you use. You should mix both products in a non-metallic bowl until obtaining a uniform mixture. Then, apply directly on the hair without washing.

Advices to colour & take care of hair

For more comfort during the application of Tonology hair dye and for a better maintenance of the colour, Tonology recommends:

• To use protective anti-stain oil for dyes, Tonology Oil-Roll, on the outline of the hair in order to avoid stain on the scalp. Thanks to its special anti-drip design, the product application and the skin protection during the colouring process are improved .
• On very porous hair, it is highly recommanded to add 5 mL of Bio-Keratin TRICOVIT Re-extructuractive protector to the mixture.
• Prepare a cocktail of perfect colour with Sculpby Colour Shaker. At the end of the preset time, the colour will be homogeneously mixed and ready to be applied.
• Use products of D-vinity Wild Berry Cosmo to maintain the colour.

Active ingredients

  • Hydrolysed Wheat Proteins

    Action: Act on the cuticle surface during the colouring process.

    Benefits: Strong conditioning power.

  • Coco Amine

    Action: Emollient and softening effect.

    Benefits: Confers softeness to the hair, improving its general state.

  • Soya Derivative

    Action: Gives a better intensity to tones and evens the colour up.

    Benefits: Allows to get the desired tone and a maximum permanence.

  • Phenyl Trimethicone & Polyquaternium-22

    Action: Compounds destined for improving the hair state, shine and hydration.

    Benefits: Seal and restore the capillary fibre, increasing the colour duration and the hair brilliance.

Documentation attached

Tonology Hair Dye Colour Exotic


Tonology Hair Dye Colour Exotic
Tonology Hair Dye Colors 5/43 Ocaso EAN: 8431332115438
Tonology Hair Dye Colour Exotic
Tonology Hair Dye Colors 6/43 Paraiso EAN: 8431332116435
Tonology Hair Dye Colour Exotic
Tonology Hair Dye Colors 7/43 Magma EAN: 8431332117432
Tonology Hair Dye Colour Exotic
Tonology Hair Dye Colors 8/43 Tropic EAN: 8431332118439
Tonology Hair Dye Colour Exotic
Tonology Hair Dye Colors 7/04 Sahara EAN: 8431332117043
Tonology Hair Dye Colour Exotic
Tonology Hair Dye Colors 8/04 Savannah EAN: 8431332118040

Units per pack

Blister: 6un x 60ml
CTN: 120 x 60ml

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